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09 JAN

Power of Collaborations

by Meskith Creations

As -Bob Mudge says
“Collaboration is no longer just a strategy: It is the key to long-term business success and competitiveness.”

Meskith Creations a corporate, creative company that offers graphic design, branding, and online marketing services which also has a program called Creatives Evolution Tour that aims to empower young and existing businesses to have a competitive advantage and also lead in creating a suitable Eco-system of Entrepreneurs/businesses in Kenya and Africa at large in every day evolving market trends. Collaborated with Simba Education Ministries which focus on Children Sponsorship, Kingdom Buildings, Widows and Orphans, Health and Wellness, and Stewardship. All of these points working together and interwoven to care and empower the people whom they work with. All pointing back to Jesus being at the center of the ministry.

In conducting a Business pitch and sharing insights with business students from the University of Sioux Falls and North Western College USA on a business trip to Kenya to encourage and learn from Kenya’s entrepreneurs.


From Creatives Evolution Tour workshop program, the first person to pitch about his business was Allan Gitau founder of Abstract Adventures a photography firm that focuses on portrait and brand/product photography.

Mr. Allan looks forward to expanding beyond the local market and reaches the international market as well he is interested in working with Start-Up’s development. Overtime Mr. Allan has developed his signature in the photography industry attracting more clients and it has stirred his growth and urge to reach out further in the photography industry.




The second person to pitch was Ms. Purity Waweru is a psychologist by profession, she is passionate about youth mental well-being and hence she uses the church as her platform to reach out to the youth and shares and counsels youth on the daily struggles as a result of peer pressure and societal pressure.

Ms. Purity also has a passion of baking in which she has turned it into a business whereby she does home baking and has specialized on birthday, wedding and celebration cakes and looks forward to opening a bakery.







Finally, Kinuthia J Kirumba founder of Meskith Creations concluded the pitch edition and described Meskith Creations vision: “To be world-class creators who nurture and bring the beauty of imagination into reality” Mission: “Offer quality designs that fulfill your dreams inspired with creativity and wholeness”  Meskith creations products and service in details as well as Meskith Creations project that is Creatives Evolution Tour Workshops’ and its steps towards its achievements of empowering entrepreneurs to gain competitive advantage to ever-evolving market trends and the progress of the project: Creatives Evolution Tour which has already been conducted in two counties in Kenya.



Through this collaboration it had extremely powerful dynamics with great commercial implications, building trust between strangers. As well as a global perspective became an interesting sphere to look into, that is: giving local solutions with a global perspective.


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