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  • Tairi-mbili village mart, Eldoret

Tairi-mbili village mart, Eldoret

09 JAN

Power of Collaborations

As -Bob Mudge says “Collaboration is no longer just a strategy: It is the key to long-term business success and ...

28 DEC

Creatives Evolution Tour (Nakuru Edition)

  Creatives Evolution Tour Nakuru Edition is our second workshop aiming to empower young and existing businesses to have a ...

22 AUG

Creatives Evolution Tour 2019

Meskith Creations is one of a small group of Thousands of branding and marketing companies in Africa, many of which ...

24 FEB

Third Annual Entrepreneurship Summit 2019

#YESMombasa2019 Each year, Youth Empowerment Program Initiative (YEPI), a local youth-led and non-profit organization with a countrywide network of social ...

24 FEB

Jijenge Na Skills Edition

The Hands On The Future Kenya Skills Show 2019, held on February 8th, 9th & 10th,  hosted over 20,000 youth and ...

19 FEB

Help & Care Gloria Foundation Story

In June year 2016 Meskith Creations  met Gloria Gatsinzi who is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Finance at Kigali Independent University ...

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