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  • Tairi-mbili village mart, Eldoret

Tairi-mbili village mart, Eldoret

Youth Empowerment Program Initiative

24 FEB

Third Annual Entrepreneurship Summit 2019

by Meskith Creations


Each year, Youth Empowerment Program Initiative (YEPI), a local youth-led and non-profit organization with a countrywide network of social entrepreneurs and change makers, hosts the Annual YEPI Entrepreneurship Summit which brings together around 200 young entrepreneurs, technologist, investors, government leaders, corporate, and business development service providers to converge, connect, learn and create positive lasting impact and partnerships that capitalize on the success of sustainable entrepreneurship to increase the sector’s size and impact. The summit includes a variety of activities including Launching of the second edition of the Governors Startup Challenge. Interactive Pitching Competition dubbed Pitch With a Purpose, Keynote Speeches, Inspiring Panel Discussion,  Market Place, Performance Art, Networking and Mentoring sessions.

On 11th November 2018 YEPI tasked us with media branding of event which would happen on 9th February 2019. Upon which we had to come up with creative ways, not only to be attractive but also send out a message to the targeted audience. We were inspired by the unique landmark of Mombasa the giant Elephant tusks placed along Moi Avenue road. These giant aluminium tusks were actually built to commemorate the visit of Princess Margaret of England. A closer look at their intersection at the top would reveal the letter ‘M’ which is the first letter of the port city’s name and therefore through this we paid close attention to details in our designs.

We were able to create the summit posters, tickets, fliers, banners and signages for the  Summit which was a perfect opportunity for people from all over Kenya to see and experience not only a newly revitalized and transforming Mombasa thanks to booming tourism and a wave of development as a result of devolution factors and other stimulus measures—but also the wide-ranging unique, learning and networking opportunities that will showcase innovation, social impact and collaboration among youth in the Kenya’s only port city.

“The Summit is part of our efforts to nurture and support not just an entrepreneurial ecosystem among youth in Mombasa, but also to provide real-world skills, best business practices, mentorship and connections to help these highly motivated youths succeed,” says YEPI Founder / Executive Director, Amani Katana.

During the summit, selected youth competed against their peers and presented their businesses to a panel of esteemed judges followed by 5 minutes for question and answer session. Judges positively critiqued ideas, provided suggestions and decided the winner. The winner won in-kind support from YEPI and Partners.


YEPI invited partners from the private sector, public sector and development agencies to collaborate on an innovative framework focused on entrepreneurship and impact to drive sustainable development in Kenya. Through the summit there was overwhelming support from the partners and us Meskith Creations not being left behind we did our best to make the summit shine across Kenya and had a privilege to be featured in their summit.

 Thank you YEPI at large for believing in us.



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